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Relay Graduate School of Education

Portrait Photography

Do you need employee portraits?

We are living in an era where social media is extremely important. Let your team stand out on LinkIn, Facebook, and your corporate website by updating their portrait photos!

I can help you, by taking portraits that are contemporary, personal, professional and beautiful.

I do single or multiple portrait session in-studio or on location. I can even join you during an event to take candid images and portraits at the same time. 

Message me to discuss your vision for your company portraits.

Now Open?

It's time for some photos of your hot new space! Go ahead let all your followers know what you have in store for them before they ever step foot in your parking lot. 

Use the location photos for your social media, websites, and print materials! 

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Relay Graduate School of Education
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Candid Photography

Does your company have a major event coming up?

Taking candid photos during events is a great way to showcase your company in its best light. These images are great for your social media, website, and all the other places you see fit.

Events are also a great time to take quick portrait shots of your attendees; just in case you need them for ID's, online profiles, etc.


I can do single or multiple event session on location. I can even take some portrait and group photos while I'm there. 

Message me to let me know how I can help!

EKK.. I love making new friends! 

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Or reach out directly :)