The Garden Lady 

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I'm not a gardener and trust me... I've tried. I think I'm more of the person who goes over to their friend's house to help them plant THEIR garden.
I mean I do love getting my hands dirty and being out in the sun.
But when it comes down to it I always end up killing my pants.

The only plant I've ever been able to keep alive was a snake plant, that my coworker gave me when I left the company. It even sprouted a new stalk recently...pretty impressive I must say. Oh and also my niece and nephew helped me plant some herbs this year and those are growing.
Well...sort of. 

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Progress Sketches

Garden lady

The Garden Lady idea came about when I realized I killed my basil...womp womp. I first sketched the image with pencil, then went back over the sketched lines with permanent marker.


Final Steps

Using Illustrator, I turned the line drawing into a vector and fixed up the lines.
Then I added color because... why not?

EKK.. I love making new friends! 

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