Follow Your Happy

Lined Journal

When in doubt...follow your happy.
Let this journal follow you through your journey, where ever that may take you.

This journal is perfect for taking notes, journaling or writing lists...because sometimes those things help get you to where you need to be :)

More Info

Original Watercolor

Purple Bird

Honestly, I decided to paint a bird because I felt like drawing a bird that day. 



I choose to put the watercolor on a Journal because it's the utilitarian in me. I like when my useful items are perty. It gets me going throughout the day.

"Follow your happy" is a saying I've used since college. I started realizing every time I started following what I actually wanted to do I became happier in my everyday. Way happier...and now I'm here. Happy as a clam.

EKK.. I love making new friends! 

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