Dance Party 

Youth T-shirt

The dance party t-shirt was inspired by two things. One, dancing is fun and can change any mood around. At least in my house, that is. Whether it's dancing in the kitchen, dancing to youtube videos,
or going out's an awesome way to wiggle out your frustrations.

Secondly, I've always been enamored by dancers and performers in general. If you ever have the chance to go to a live ballet, DO IT!
If you aren't inspired by the end of it to follow your dreams,
then there's something wrong with you. :)

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Progress Sketches

Dance Party

The dance party idea started with a flower. Flower's are fun to draw in general, but this day I wasn't feeling inspired by too much else. After I drew the flower, I started to see a lady blooming out of the flower and figured she should be dancing.
So Voila... dancing flower lady. 


Final Steps

Using Illustrator, I turned the line drawing into a vector and fixed up the lines.
Then I added color because... why not?

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